The Secret of Numbers
Monika Ben Thabetova and Andrea Tonello

The Secret of Numbers is unlike any book I have ever read before…As a human being we are conditioned for greater fulfillment and fuller expression. It is your natural state to want to experience more. I truly believe this book can help you with that. I entered the secret world of numbers when I met the authors and I am so grateful that I did. I am confident you will be grateful as well.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

Before Letters and Words Existed – Numbers Told All

In the beginning, long before letters and words, there were only numbers. And, numbers are the world’s most ancient instrument when it comes to understanding yourself and your personality traits.

In their eye-opening new book, The Secret of Numbers, authors Monika Ben Thabetova and Andrea Tonello reveal the tremendous power hidden within the numbers that comprise your birthdate.

This power is so self-enlightening, governments and institutions throughout the world have continually mocked its importance to keep people “in line” and disempower them.

Through stories, lessons and exercises, The Secret of Numbers shatters these barriers by teaching you to leverage the numbers within your birthdate to …

I met Monika before a dramatic turning point in my life. She had already anticipated meeting me in sharp detail six months before it happened. Monika has a disconcerting ability to clarify things to those who want to trust and rely on the sensitivity of numbers…I do and I will continue to.”

—Roberto  Cerè, Best Selling Author and Corporate Executive Coach

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Tap into the Universal Energy of Numbers

Your birthdate numbers are personal messengers and teachers. They connect you to the Universe – and the information you receive through this energetic connection will revive your spirit and enhance your self-development.

Monika Ben Thabetova tapped into this life-changing force when the table of secret numbers was shown to her at age 15 by her mother. The impact on her life was immediate.

Soon, Monika realized she had an uncanny ability to interpret this ancient instrument, and use it to empower the lives of others.

Yet at age 21, Monika experienced debilitating health problems. In her darkest moment, her intuition told her the path to a healthy productive life would not be through doctors, hospitals, and medication.

Instead, it would come through the rejuvenating energy and
messages hidden in her birthdate numbers.

While restoring her own health, Monika received her true life calling – to help as many people as possible through her stunning ability to interpret The Secret of Numbers.

“Monika made my numeric table and read my numbers. It was as if she was flipping through my life all the way up to the present moment…The things she said opened my heart and I felt enlightened and clear again. Since then she has become my life coach and source of support during difficult times in my life. With her help, I have achieved goals I never imagined…!”

—Manuela De Simone Esculapio, Italian Bodybuilding Champion

Unleash the Power of Your Birth Numbers – Step by Step!

Monika Ben Thabetova became well-known throughout Italy for her ability to empower people by reading and interpreting their birth numbers. Then, two years ago she met Andrea Tonello, a successful lawyer who came to Monika during a low point in his life.

So impressed was Andrea with Monika’s life-changing work, he vowed to help spread her message and teaching to the entire world. The result is their collaboration on, The Secret of Numbers.

Step by step, through specific direction and exercises, you’ll learn exactly how to chart, map and interpret the energy and messages hidden within your birthdate numbers.

The only tools you need to unlock the The Secret Power of Numbers are
a pen, a piece of paper …and a birthdate.

Transform Your Perception of Those with Whom You Share Your Life

The Secret Power of Numbers will empower you to raise your self-awareness, and enable you to more deeply understand your friends, family and colleagues. All you need is their birthdate.

By understanding the energy of numbers that flows from others, you’ll be able to …

“After having read The Secret of Numbers, I have applied it in my life to great benefit. I've discovered strengths I had and I also learned better ways to interact with others based on their numbers…it's been very beneficial to me.”

—Mick Petersen, International Best selling Author of Stella and the Timekeepers

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At Last - Set Yourself Free!

The Secret of Numbers will unlock your invisible shackles and set you free! By learning a fundamental understanding of the table of secret numbers, you will …

Again, all you need to unlock this magnificent flow of vibrant new energy is
a pen, a piece of paper …and a birthdate.

The Secret of Numbers opened my eyes to a whole new world. By following the exercises in the book, I immediately learned a tremendous amount about myself…and those I love. The self-clarity I gained from this book is stunning! The Secret of Numbers is a gift. Open it, and make full use of its power.”

—Casey Demchak, Author, Award-Winning Copywriter & Consultant

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    • Discover clues that reveal your true life purpose
    • Uncover the meaning behind your personality traits
    • Learn to understand yourself on a deeper, subconscious level

This remarkable eBook gives you the insight you need to more clearly understand your gifts, and the special role you can play in this life.

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Monika Ben Thabetova is widely renowned for her expertise in interpreting an ancient and closely-guarded powerful instrument: numbers. Monika’s The Secret of Numbers book and coaching programs are based on a scientific practice that her mother passed down to her when she was only fifteen. Over the past several years, she’s tapped into the power of numbers to help thousands of people reach their ultimate consciousness, and make the quantum passage to a brighter awakening.

Andrea Tonello is the founder of a successful Italian corporate law firm. Since 2016, he has collaborated with Monika Ben Thabetova to spread The Secret of Numbers message throughout the world. Along with Monika, Andrea also takes courses on personal and spiritual growth for people who are committed to achieving a higher level of consciousness, inner harmony and peace.